Sunday, September 16, 2001

Blue Mountains

Went to the Blue Mountains with Mum, Mark, Matt, Renee and Athena (my wonderful girlfriend). It was quite an adventure. Since there was six of us I had to hire a van to get us there and back. I was thinking that we could get a 6 seater Tarago or something but the only thing that was available was a 12 seater mini-bus thing. I got used to driving it after about 5 minutes (I only hit one curb). It's amazing how well they handle on two wheels.

We enjoyed fine cuisine at that crazy Swiss restaurant near the Three Sisters in Katoomba. We did the usual site-seeing stuff and went on a bushwalk for a couple of hours. There was quite a long stairway down to the base of the mountain. Our plan was to walk down to the base, walk along the track to the skyrail and then catch the train up. It was a fine plan and it afforded me the opportunity to goad those people we passed going the other way whilst we were on the stairs. They were climbing and usually drenched in sweat and collapsing from exhaustion. When we just started our trip down and were almost atthe top of the mountain I would exclaim how great it was that we were almost to the bottom. The look of despair would cross their faces.

Blue Mountains Photo Album


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