Tuesday, June 25, 2002


It's winter and I've been working hard. I just got back from Dallas, Texas. I hummed the theme music to the old TVshow in several places much to the amusement of the locals (it's OK though, they thought I was English).

I had to go there for work. We were jibbed however since the phones were touted to have TCP support but when we got there, guess what? they didn't. So we had to fly all the way back again.

I was also jibbed in LA *mutter*, *mutter* and I had to watch bits of the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo" on the plane. BLECH! It was torture. It's just not right. Sorry, I'm a bit emotional at the moment.

Hmmm... What else? I need to lose some weight. WarCraft III finally came out (much to Athena's delight - not) and I've been playing that occassionally

DallasWarCraft III


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