Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Even though I had gone to the trouble of getting a "cat run" built for Neo (Photos of cat run) so he could go outside, he was still pacing a little too much for my liking. I think he was getting a little bored during the day when we were at work. Burmese need a lot of entertaining.

I thought to myself, what's more entertaining than a kitten? Neo can chase it around and get into fights etc. So I bought another cat.

I decided to call him Sami. I figured that if I ever get brain damage and I retain my long term memory but am unable to form new memories (like Guy Pearce in Memento), then I'll be able to remember Sami's name. Guy Pearce was always saying to himself, "remember Sammy Jenkins" because this guy Sammy had the same memory disorder but he didn't have the burning desire for revenge that gave him the ability to keep himself organized enough to cope with his memory problem. I can't remember the point to all of this. Maybe I called him Sami because of the word Samiurai.

When I got the kitten home I built a little Roman Colosseum out of Wheat Bix packets. I was horrified to see them become friends however. This was even worse than when I put a scorpion and a spider into a jar when I was little. They didn't fight either but at least they weren't cuddling one another.

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