Thursday, May 19, 2005

New York

Objective sent me to the AIIM conference in Philadelphia. Athena came along as well but stayed in New York to shop. I took a week's leave after the conference so that we could extend our stay and check-out New York together.

The conference in Philadelphia was about an hour on train from New York. It's a conference to do with Electronic Content Management or ECM for short (not to be confused with Electronic Counter Measures like when you're in a fighter jet and an enemy fighter jet fires a missile at you and you try and "Jam" it). It was quite a big conference and it involved a bit of walking. I did find some nice comfy chairs that were in the sun however when it all got a bit much.

Whilst I was working hard at the conference, Athena was busily shopping in New York. Sometimes life isn't fair. The main thing however is that I didn't have to go shopping with Athena too much when I got back from the conference. I'm not very good at shopping with women. If I were to plot their course on a 2D graph, I think I'd end up with a curve that could only be represented mathematically by a fractal. That's a nerd joke. For the non-nerd, let's just say they are indecisive. I threw a little tanty once waiting for Athena to buy some shoes.

Central Park is huge. I had no idea of how big it was. We spent a little time around there taking pictures. We went to a cool science museum. I enjoyed the biology section that showed videos of proteins being built. I think it had something to do with RNA which is like DNA. Looked pretty impressive though.

We went on top of the Empire State Building and had a look around. Also we went on a cruise around Manhattan island. I thought New York was pretty cool.

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