Monday, May 1, 2006

Byron Bay holiday

For this years holiday, we decided to go to Byron Bay. Athena really wanted to go to some healthy, natural (read expensive) type resort. Eventually she twisted my arm but at the end of the day I'm glad I went. Don't tell her though because I'd like to earn some credits by pretending that I did it all for her.

We stayed in this cabin up a road called Skinners Shoot Road. We didn't see any skinners, shooters or banjos however. It was about 5 minutes out of the town proper. I quite liked it because we were in a pine forest and it was very quiet and serene. I think it was called Aveda or something to do with expensive shampoo.

On the way into town we passed by this hotel called the Art Factory. It's really cool. It has a cinema and stuff (and I like movies and I like stuff). They made a good steak and had a cool bar etc. We watched that Johnny Cash movie at the cinema. They took about four hours to make my latte however (give or take three hours and fifty minutes).

We did a dawn tour of the lighthouse and watched the sunrise. It was all good except for the getting up at 2am part. Well, it was probably more like 5:00am but still, that's pretty early.

We also went kayaking on the ocean to fish for dolphins. The guy even wanted one of us to get in the water and swim around to act as bait. No-one was that foolish however, so we didn't see any dolphins. The waves were pretty big however. The amplitude of the waves was about 2-3 metres (which means about 5-6 metres crest to trough). But the wavelength was pretty long so it was a gradual process going up and down (even though you went a long way up and down).

And to the dude that we hit with our kayak, watch where you're going next time. You'll be happy to know that I copped on the head as well when I used my body to shield Athena from the kayak when we flipped it riding the waves back in (don't worry - everyone flipped - not just us - we lasted much longer than most of the retards). The only difference was that I had a helmet. *tap* tap*.

I did some study on the trip. I wanted to update my sun certification. It was a good place to study. I managed to sneak in one "quick" game of civilization whilst Athena was shopping. Well, I got to like 20AD or something and was dominating.

We also went to this place called the Crystal Castle. If you like hippys, vegetarians, tarot readings and crystals and stuff, you'd love it. I, on the other hand, was a little grumpy (as can probably be seen in the photos).

Byron Bay Photo Album


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