Friday, December 30, 2005

Another year goes by

Another year has passed us by. Things are going well at Objective. Athena is going well at PIMCO. This year, it was time for Christmas in Sydney. Interestingly however, my family decided to come to Sydney as well this year. So, we got the families together for a mega-family Christmas.

The Kelceys (and Pagels) have never been so spoilt. Well, I have because I go around fairly regularly, but the rest of the crew aren't used to such magnificent food. Athena's mother is an incredibly good chef. A good time was had by all.

Athena's dad was also born on Christmas day. Not the same year as the original one mind you, but the same date. So, we got to eat some Christmas pudding and then some chocolate birthday cake. They were delicious.

It's easy to remember our parent's birthdays. Peter is born on Christmas day and both our mums on New Years day. I think this means we get to call our first son Damian.

Christmas 05 Photo Album


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