Friday, April 20, 2007

Eagle View Escape

For this year's holiday we went to the Blue Mountains. This time we went to a place near Lake Lyell called Eagle View Escape.

Here's a map I created on Google maps to describe the facilities etc.
Eagle View Escape

The view over the lake was great. The facilities were quite good. We played pool in the main lounge room. No-one else used it the whole time we were there. It had a big fireplace etc. They also served nice dinners as well though we mainly drove into Katoomba when we wanted to eat.

They had a spa and barbeque area that we didn't use. We had a game on the tennis court. On the Google map that I created above, they didn't have a tennis racket icon so I used a golf club icon instead. I guess it's appropriate given how I play tennis. The cabin was nice. There are some shots of it in the photo album below.

We also went to the Jenolan caves. We got there just in time for a tour of one of the caves. It was quite interesting and picturesque. The guy who gave the tour was a retired rescue dude. He was talking about how dangerous diving rescue was. And he kept saying "is that alright" when he would tell us some fact about the cave. Like, I'm going to say, "no, it's not alright that Joe Smith found this section of the cave in 1874 and his candle went out when he fell in the pond".

Eagle View Escape Photo Album


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